Worldwide Modern Sequence Dance Forum

For many years now Modern Sequence Dancers around the world have been able to link up and share news and views of the latest inventive dance competitions and prizewinning dances thanks to a forum administered by our friend Sylvia in Australia.

The time has now come for Sylvia to have a rest from this task and it is likely that the forum will soon no longer accept new posts and may disappear completely.

I would like to personally thank Sylvia for all her efforts in the past, particularly in recent years when the world has dealt her some painful personal blows.

I know many dancers around the world would wish for the forum to continue, which I believe it can, but only if everyone is aware and knows where to look. With this in mind I have created a temporary forum to enable us all to stay in touch while any dust settles. See the links below.


Sylvia's Forum
while stocks last


Temporary replacement Forum