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Where to go for Ballroom, Latin American, Sequence and sundry other dances styles in Suffolk, UK

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If you are planning to go dancing socially in and around the Ipswich area of Suffolk I hope you may find these pages useful. This site is biased towards a personal preference of ballroom, latin and sequence dancing but I will try to mention other events.

I've added a message board for any dance related discussions. Unfortunately this comes with some unwanted advertisements, sorry! If the adverts prove too intrusive I may decide to remove the board.

All comments and observations are personal opinions only. Details are provided based on information derived from a variety of sources, but have not been personally verified. If you disagree with my comments, would like corrections made or have any more information you would like displayed here, please let me know at


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Read some older articles in the archive.

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Date Last Modified: 30-Oct-2023

For the benefit of non-dancers and web search engines this site covers various types of Old Time, now often referred to as Classical. Modern sequence dances are based on standard ballroom or latin dances with every couple repeating the same sixteen bar sequence of steps at the same time and in the same direction around the room (at least, that's the theory!). Old time sequence dances such as saunters, gavottes, blues and old time waltzes are also danced as sixteen bar repeating patterns. New latin dances such as salsa, merengue, mambo and various types of modern jive with trade marks such as CeRoc, Le Roc and Le Jive may also be mentioned on this site.

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